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What your dog dreams for... 

  What your dog dreams for....

Salon Opening Times

The Dog Hut is open Tuesdays to  Saturdays.

Mostly by appointment only please, however please call to see if we have any cancellations. 

Telephone 077 077 994 65

Booking an Appointment

Every dog is different in temperament, age, breed and physical ability and therefore may need different handling and a different approach to grooming. 

Bookings are made appropriate to the dog's needs established during discussion on the telephone or in person. However this may change during your initial consultation when the dog groomer will have further opportunity to advise you.

You will need to have your dog's details to hand, including:

* their age and sexual status, 

* last vaccination or complimentary alternative, not essential,

* details of any allergies, illness, disease or injuries including their history,

* the name and telephone number of your vet, 

* a contact telephone number for when your dog is with us,

* usual commands your dog is familiar with, 

* details of any known behavioural traits. 

Please make sure of the following:

1.  Your dog has had opportunity to go to the toilet before coming to the salon. 

2. That your dog has not eaten a full meal for at least 2 hours prior to coming to their grooming appointment.

3. Please bring suitable higher value food treats of a small size, like sausage, so we can apply appropriate rewards as required to help shape their behaviour. Food treats are not bribes but can be used appropriately during both classical and operant conditioning and help most dogs to enjoy their grooming session. Please remember to inform us of any allergies that your dog may have. 

4. Bring any medication that may be needed during the time your dog is with us with clear instructions on dispensing. 

5. If your dog will be losing a lot of coat such as when a full clip off is required, it may be advisable to bring a coat or jumper for your dog post groom (depending on the weather). 

New Clients - please allow at least 10 minutes to complete your initial consultation during your first visit to the salon. 

Existing Clients - Please allow at least five minutes when dropping your dog off to check your details and complete any up date required. (You may be able to park on the Double Yellow lines - however The Dog Hut,biz takes no responsibility for this choice).  

All Clients - Please allow sufficient time for the dog groomer to assess your dog's needs when you drop them off for their appointment.

All Clients - Please allow sufficient time when collecting your dog to receive feedback from your dog groomer.

Payment Methods - The Dog Hut is happy to accept card payments, Paypal payments and cash. Sorry, we no longer accept payment by cheques. We can provide details for BACS payments but please note The Dog Hut's Payment Terms and Conditions which will be emailed to you when you book your appointment.

The Dog Hut Groomers Forum: Sorry to those that are asking, our Forum is only for our students and ex students to use, for chatting and sharing study information, helping each other, and sharing thoughts and experiences in a safe and supportive environment. Our students can ask to join by visiting our Facebook Page and searching for CSC Student Forum.

"We welcome diversity & promote equality, in all aspects of our lives'.

We understand that he word diversity means “varied and different” and we believe in supporting variety and individual differences by creating a culture, environment and practices that respect and value diversity. We believe that equality is about accepting the right to be different and the right to be free from discrimination. To have choice and dignity and to be valued as an individual, with a right to your own beliefs and values" 
- Dean Hart, The Dog Hut.  

The Dog Hut and Duty of Care

The Duty of Care within the Animal Welfare Act 2006* applies to the owner of an animal, anyone in charge of an animal, and a parent or guardian of a child under 16 years.

This means that when The Dog Hut looks after your dog we have a duty of care to provide for its welfare and we take this seriously, not just because of legislation but because we have compassion within our profession . One reason why we take our time with your dog, apply appropriate handling, will not tolerate heavy restraint equipment or use excessively loud dryers or blasters. 

* Anyone found in breach of this Act  may be banned from owning animals for life, fined up to £20,000.00 and/or be sent to prison.