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What your dog dreams for... 

  What your dog dreams for....

A busy last few days hasn't left us much time to set up our new on line store - but hurrah we have started to add some products! We are now able to offer an ordering service to collect in store at highly competitive prices. We already stock Lily's Kitchen Proper food for Pets, Ancol Grooming Equipment, Company of Animals training equipment and Higher Nature's health supplements.  We will be adding more products very soon as our on-line service grows. 

Alternatively you can p
op down to sunny Seaford and meet us, you and your pet are very welcome to say hi and place your orders.

Visit us on our Facebook Page, The Dog Hut.Biz Seaford to keep an eye on what we are up to.

We are pleased to be a part of the animal community in Seaford.

Visit our new on line ordering service and save money buy ordering through The Dog Hut.biz

The Dog Hut.Biz,  Number 1, Claremont Road, Seaford, East Sussex, BN25 2AY

Exceptional Grooming

Exceptional Welfare

 Originally incorporated within the international award winning 'Canine Studies College' in Polegate, East Sussex, The Dog Hut .Biz remains at the height of exceptional dog grooming for pet owners and continues to attract clients that want something a little extra for their loved ones.
We have now reopened after sabbatical leave in Sicily.

Contact Sara or Dean Hart on 077 077 994 65 

We value pet welfare above ll else.

'Our priority is to adhere to an exceptional level of animal welfare through knowledge, understanding, appropriate handling, empathy, compassion and care'

An amazing dog with an amazing coat!

'We deliver a superior range of grooming and behaviour services for customers looking for something a little more special for their dogs'

Bless her, we all miss the lovely Poppy seen here with Sara

'Our dog groomer has won international awards, gained top recognition for professional practice, has qualifications in advanced canine behaviour and handling - but above all puts compassion first'

'We are recognised across the UK as specialists within our own field and produce published articles on a range of industry related topics in national and international magazines'

No Drying Cabinets - No Blasters - No Heavy Restraint Systems - No Rushing - No Caging
What your dog dreams for …

All courses on offer are identified and regulated by Ofqual and Qualifications Wales.