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What your dog dreams for... 

  What your dog dreams for....

Covid -19 Announcement from The Dog Hut.Biz

Updated 23rd February. 

Please call us for an appointment or to discuss any concerns with your pet.

First of all we want to thank our amazing clients that have been so supported since this Pandemic and our recent family bereavement, this is greatly appreciated.

We are planning to return to our normal working hours from Tuesday 13th April 2021. 

In line with the Government latest announcement and the Roadmap of coming out of lockdown, it is still not business as usual for dog groomers and groomers should not be open for aesthetic reasons. 

You can see this link to view the Canine and Feline Group Sector information and they also have useful tips and advice on looking after pets during Covid 19: Canine & Feline Sector Group this opens a new window.

It has been made much clearer that dog grooming can only take place on 'animal welfare purposes' and The Dog Hut has always adhered to this legal requirement. Adding to this, dog grooming salons should not encourage travel for aesthetic reasons as this is deemed as non essential travel. However pet grooming is needed to maintain welfare.

What is a Welfare Concern for your dog or cat?

Simply: Anything where you are concerned about your pet that can cause your pet's discomfort, pain or disease.  

Please talk to us we are happy to help you look after your pet and can arrange a grooming appointment. Welfare purposes include matted coats, see this link on our information about matting. Heavy matting interferes with an animal's normal function, is painful and can cause bacterial infection near to and below the skin. Long hair can interrupt normal vision and can cause irritation and discomfort to eyes. Difficulties with your pet's coat that cannot be dealt with at home can include matting, skin conditions and excessively long nail growth (but nail trimming can no longer be carried out as a stand alone procedure and has to be accompanied by bathing and drying prior to trimming due to the possible transportation of Covid particles. We are also able to carry out grooming services on veterinary referral.

Please note that we are required by Government policy to provide photographic evidence prior to grooming where needed and to keep records in the salon of what action action we have taken and reasons for this, when we carry out any groom. We may also need to provide a written record for the client. We are advised that clients may be stopped during travelling to or from the salon.  Failure to record appropriate records can lead to a fine for both the salon and the client. 

The Dog Hut.Biz are keen to support our clients and prospective clients, therefore should you have any concerns about the condition of your pet's coat then please do contact us using the Form Below or TEXT 07955685865. If you are concerned about your dog's heath then do contact your Vet.  

We hope that our clients and prospective clients keep safe and well and we look forward to reopening soon. We look forward to seeing our clients and their lovely pets.  

With best wishes,

Dean and Sara at The Dog Hut.Biz.  

Thank you to those who have provided feedback about our contact form, hopefully this issue has now been resolved!

Thank you for contacting The Dog Hut.Biz about the concerns of your pet. We will respond as quickly as we are able to.
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Congratulations to us! 


 We are proud to announce that The Dog Hut.Biz has been Awarded a Southern Enterprise Award 2020:

'Best Dog Behaviour, Training and Grooming Business - East Sussex!' 

A big thank you to all our clients who have been exceptionally supportive especially through this very difficult and unprecedented year!  

To move successfully from nominee to winner, we have demonstrated evidence of extensive expertise and skills, dedication to customer service and client satisfaction with an on-going commitment to excellence and innovation. 

Hello, and a warm welcome to The Dog Hut.
If you are looking for a cat & dog grooming salon with a different, professional and caring approach and one that is highly committed to animal welfare then come and visit Dean and Sara.  No loud dryers, no drying cabinets, no loud blasters and no heavy restraint. Individual time taken for each dog in a calm environment. Specialists in large breeds. Ultrasonic teeth cleaning and microchipping available. Professional advice on the grooming process, coat condition, help with skin problems, shampoos, conditioners and skin treatments. 

If you are looking for an experienced and highly recommended canine behaviourist, than The Dog Hut.Biz can also help and support you through their 'in house' Veterinary Referral Clinic,   CBT Referrals. 

Pet acupuncture and laser treatment clinics
 available once a month. Currently on hold due to Covid 19 restrictions.

All consultations by appointment only please. 

 Call us on our land line number 01323 890041

Visit us on our Facebook Page, The Dog Hut.Biz Seaford to keep an eye on what we are up to.

Having moved from Polegate, we are really pleased to be a part of the animal community in Seaford.

Please appreciate that the photographs on our web site are copyright, thank you.

International Award Winning Centre.
We are very pleased to have been awarded 4 City and Guilds Medals for Excellence in one year as recognition of our exceptional standards in teaching and care.
There are only 48 awarded World Wide.

The Dog Hut.Biz,  Number 1, Claremont Road, Seaford, East Sussex, BN25 2AY

The Grooming Salon is
 Currently Closed - services are available for welfare purposes only.

The Behaviour Clinic is also closed except for veterinary referrals. 





 Originally incorporated within the international award winning 'Canine Studies College' in Polegate, East Sussex, The Dog Hut .Biz remains at the height of exceptional dog grooming for pet owners and continues to attract clients that want something a little extra for their loved ones.
We have now reopened after sabbatical leave in Sicily.

Contact Sara or Dean Hart on 01323  890041 

'Our priority is to adhere to an exceptional level of animal welfare through knowledge, understanding, appropriate handling, empathy, compassion and care'

An amazing dog with an amazing coat!

'We deliver a superior range of grooming and behaviour services for customers looking for something a little more special for their dogs'

Bless her, we all miss the lovely Poppy seen here with Sara

'Our dog groomer has won international awards, gained top recognition for professional practice, has qualifications in advanced canine behaviour and handling - but above all puts compassion first'

'We are recognised across the UK as specialists within our own field and produce published articles on a range of industry related topics in national and international magazines'

No Drying Cabinets - No Blasters - No Heavy Restraint Systems - No Rushing - No Caging
What your dog dreams for …