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What your dog dreams for... 

  What your dog dreams for....

 Coming to Seaford to our new premises in June. Details to follow soon.

 Originally incorporated within the international award winning 'Canine Studies College' in Sussex, 
The Dog Hut .Biz remains at the height of exceptional dog grooming for pet owners and continues to attract clients that want something a little extra for their loved ones. It is now about to reopen after sabbatical leave.
Contact Sara or Dean Hart 0n 077 077 994 65 

Animal Welfare and other Policy Statements and our Terms and Conditions - This page is under construction

'Our priority is to adhere to an exceptional level of animal welfare through knowledge, understanding, appropriate handling, empathy, compassion and care'

'We deliver a superior range of grooming and behaviour services for customers looking for something a little more special for their dogs'

Who We Are and What We Believe In - Click Here this page is under construction

'Our dog groomer has won international awards, gained top recognition for professional practice, has qualifications in advanced canine behaviour and handling - but above all puts compassion first'

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'We are recognised across the UK as specialists within our own field and produce published articles on a range of industry related topics in national and international magazines'

No Drying Cabinets - No Blasters - No Heavy Restraint Systems - No Rushing - No Caging
What your dog dreams for …