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Canine Behaviour Clinic by Vet Referral Only contact Ben McKechnie Direct

  • Dean Hart full Member of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association and Master Trainer and his team offer a range of expert, caring, supportive and friendly services to owners and professionals.

  • They are committed to delivering the highest possible standards in client care and support. 

  • Owners can be sure to receive empathy and understanding while being given clear, expert information and advice. 

  • Enquiries are very welcome from professionals and dog owners.

  • A 'Rapid Response' service is available for registered vet practices, please see our services information.

As well as working with companion dog behaviour problems, Dean offers Canine Temperament Testing and an Expert Witness Service. 

The canine Behaviour Clinic, now in its 15th year, offers a caring, friendly, supportive and professional service to owners who are experiencing difficulties with their dog's behaviour.  

Dean initially set up the clinic on his own but as the demand for his services has grown, so to has the clinic and the services available.

Following completion of a behavioural history questionnaire, the initial behavioural consultation takes between an an hour and a half, to two hours where practical hands on help is combined with information and longer term treatment suggestions.

A full written report and four rehabilitation sessions follow as part of the initial cost. 

All canine behaviour clients are seen by veterinary referral only.