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What makes us so different? 

If you know a thing or two about dog grooming parlours then you will know that some of them don't adhere to best practice but simply run a conveyor belt service. We don't.

Some dog grooming parlours use a truss like device to tie dogs up and pin dogs down, use force and verbally shout at the dog without taking into account any behavioural signs, awareness of the dog's emotional state or their ability. Unbelievably some Colleges even teach like this!  
We don't.

We take our time with each dog and treat it as an individual. 

Our dog groomers are fully trained and handle dogs with compassion and patience, in a home environment.

The grooming process should be structured but also allow the dog to carry out normal canine behaviour, have access to water, be handled appropriately for its age, ability and emotional state and be free at all times from undue stress and anxiety, where possible. Dogs on the grooming table should also be rewarded for showing signs of appropriate behaviour to help achieve a stress free and positive grooming experience.  

We believe that dog groomers should be fully trained and their training should include:

  • The grooming process, 
  • Canine behaviour and handling, 
  • Animal learning theories, 
  • Gait analysis, 
  • Canine first aid, 
  • Diseases and conditions found in dogs, 
  • Health and safety, 
  • Product availability and appropriate use and specialist treatments, 
  • Risk awareness and environmental safety,
  • Animal Welfare.

We train all our dog groomers to this high standard - because we care about dogs and our clients and offer some of the best standards of grooming in the UK.  

What can you expect, included in our price, when you bring your dog to be groomed by us? 

  • Skilled, professional and compassionate dog grooming.
  • Plenty of time taken over each dog, and each dog groomed with patience.
  • Every dog handled to their individual temperament, behaviour, age and ability.
  • All grooms are tailored to the dog's individual coat and skin needs.
  • A comprehensive health check with client feedback.
  • Anal gland expression if needed.
  • Nails trimmed where needed.
  • Ears cleaned. 
  • All tables and equipment sterilised between each groom and well maintained.
  • All towels and cleaning cloths are used per dog and washed after each individual dog. 
  • Time spent with clients before the groom to discuss individual requirements. 
  • Grooms carried out to breed standard or as required by the client.
  • Feedback on your dogs health, skin and coat after grooming. 

What are the benefits of regular grooming?

All dogs, whether long or short haired need regular grooming to help maintain their coat, remove tangles and knots and keep them clean. Knots tight to the skin are very painful and cause discomfort when walking and running. 

It is true that a well groomed dog is a much more comfortable, happier and healthy dog. But it is not all about the finished look!

As well as comfort and wellbeing theses are the five main benefits to regular grooming. 

1. Cleanliness and less risk of disease.

2. Health of the coat and skin.

3. Better appearance and smell!

4. Health checks and early warning of illness and sometimes more serious conditions.

5. Building positive relationships and improved behaviour.