The Dog Hut.Biz is on the move!
You can still use our old number for the next few weeks and your call
will be diverted to Charlotte 01323 482816 who will look after you.

The Dog Hut.Biz

   Call us Free 0800 999 2066

So what services are available? 

A caring dog grooming salon and a professional and supportive behaviour clinic

We are a small dedicated, friendly and professional team that offer a relaxed and supportive environment within all of the services we provide.

Important Notice

If our existing clients have not received an update on our changes by letter, email or telephone call then they will have very shortly. We really appreciate and care for all of our clients and information is on its way to everybody! 

Dog Grooming

Dedicated salon delivering very high standards within dog grooming with welfare, care and compassion as a priority.

* Health Check and client feedback as standard.
* Show standard and pet grooming available, to individual client requirements.
* Nail check and trim, as needed as standard within the groom.
* Zero Tolerance Policy actively promoting appropriate handling with   care and compassion.
* No use of inappropriate restraint equipment,                                      no 'Groomers Helper' (full restraint straps)
* No drying cabinets.
* A home environment
* Professional, qualified dog groomers, also qualified in animal behaviour and welfare. .  
* Plenty of time taken for each dog.
* Puppy introductions to create a positive experience within grooming.
* Nervous, elderly and disabled dogs welcomed and fully supported.
* Behavioural grooms available for phobic, anxious and fearful dogs.
* Large breeds welcomed.
* In house range of treatments and specialist products with professional advice and support.

Veterinary Referral Behavioural Clinic, caring, compassionate behaviour support and rehabilitation training.

* Specialists in supporting dogs with anxiety, fears and phobias.
* Behaviour protocols and rehabilitation training for aggressive dogs.
* Recognised UK Specialists in behaviour and rehabilitation services.
* Advanced 1-2-1 dog training services for pets, competition or search     and rescue services. 
* Training Advisory Sessions (TAS) for families, individuals, pre dog     ownership and expecting parents.
* Full and comprehensive behaviour assessments and advice. 
* Legal work and expert witness services available.
* Fully insured and accountable. 

"Every client referral is treated as an individual, there is no blanket approach within behaviour work. We support the owners at every step of the rehabilitation process by providing 1-2-1 rehabilitation training, expert counselling with additional email and telephone support and review and provide updates with feedback to the referring vet centres" - Ben McKechnie, Master Trainer with Guild of Dog Trainers, Behaviour Adviser and Clinic Manager.